Working on Healthy Choices

It happens to us all – even me – when we are trying to make better decisions about what and how much we are eating. Self-control management tips 101! Three quick tips…

Tip number 1: Work on being a mediator.

Whaaatt???? What could this have to do with self-control? It seems that we have two parts of our brain that talk between each other. The feelings side of the brain and the thinking side of the brain. “But I feel like this cookie right now!!” says Feeling Brain. But,Thinking Brain chimes in, “You are trying to eat less of these cookies and you just had one yesterday.” Sound familiar? Feeling brain is impatient, perhaps it’s even possibly considered the child within us. If we can limit Feeling Brain from always getting their way, we can steer away from those cravings. When you can avoid that craving or the not-so-good behaviour, you can take a step back and reflect on your strength of not giving in. Gold star for Thinking Brain!

Tip Number 2: Seriously, remove the stuff that tempts you.

Every time you open the freezer for something, you see the chocolate ice cream starring at you. Maybe it even has a voice that talks to Feeling Brain… “Hey there!! Feel like eating some chocolate ice cream??” And that’s our cue to get rid of the ice cream. Now I’m not saying NEVER eat ice cream again, but an idea for these type of treats is, buying one of those tiny ice cream cups and just buying one at a time. Try for mini-sized other items as well.

Tip Number 3: Avoid the second servings of your meals.

And back to Feeling Brain – he/she seems to cause a lot of havoc, right!!??? – “I don’t feel full enough yet!!” says Feeling Brain. Thinking Brain replies, “Well Feeling Brain, this isn’t about feeling “full”, this is about eating only what is necessary.” Stepping into the second serving becomes pushing the limits of overeating. Again with this Feeling Brain!!

The struggle is real.

If you would like to read more on this approach, the book is called (pardon my french!) Everything Is F#cked, by Mark Manson. It’s all under the headline of, “You Have Two Brains, and They’re Really Bad at Talking to Each Other.” (page 31). The book is available on Amazon and Apple Books.

Thoughts? Let me hear them! ∎

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