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Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?

The well-known fact: Women live longer than men…. but why? In the past 100 years, human average life expectancy has more than doubled, yet women continue to live longer than men and it made me wonder why? So, I decided to explore articles and here is what I found:

Five Seconds to Change.

Get control of your ego and take ownership of your life. It’s so important that I have to write about it again. All the nutrition advice you can read in the world is at your fingertips but if you don’t change how you think, it won’t work. Retrain your mind from those old habits and…

Working on Healthy Choices

It happens to us all – even me – when we are trying to make better decisions about what and how much we are eating. Self-control management tips 101! Three quick tips…

OK! So what? Now what?

Regulating your emotions to stay grounded and present can help maintain a sense of wellbeing in all areas of life (home, work, personal relationships).

Talking Macronutrients with Melissa.

Let’s talk Macronutrients. Who, what when and Why? Who are they? These macronutrients you speak of? Macronutrients are the (in basics) the calculation of protein, carbohydrates and fats. They can go deeper into vitamins and minerals, but you can keep it simple and stick with the top 3, PCF.

Change your mind, change your body. End of story

It’s that cut and dry. Any fad diet you adhere to for the moment, (Keto, Intermittent fasting, Paleo, Weight-watchers, Bernstein, etc.) will work temporarily. How many people have tried these, lost weight because they achieved their goal or perhaps didn’t, but gained all the weight back? Millions or billions? I know I have- I have…

The Cost of Getting Lean

Before reading the below, I want you to have in mind what your goals are for the body type you are looking to have? Healthy, lean or athletically lean? This will help you decide what you are willing to adjust and what you’re not willing to do.

Love Pasta? How to enjoy your favourite dishes guilt-free!

Cutting back on carbs can be tough. Especially if you are a pasta lover… The way around it: drum roll please! Zucchini noodles – or also known as Zoodles. I would recommend the Joseph Joseph Spiralizer. I personally like this one because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. There is a key to…

The Different Levels of Meal Planning

Meal planning 101 First off, I must start by saying each nutrition coach has their way of coaching nutrition. Without getting into too much nitty-gritty detail, my nutrition coaching style works on 3 Levels.  Level 1: “I just want to lose some weight and feel better.” This is the most common level that people usually…


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