Talking Macronutrients with Melissa.

Let’s talk Macronutrients. Who, What When and Why?

Who are they? These macronutrients you speak of? Macronutrients are the (in basics) the calculation of protein, carbohydrates and fats. They can go deeper into vitamins and minerals, but you can keep it simple and stick with the top 3, PCF. 

What are they? Protein (P) is protein. Sources of protein are tofu, tempeh, chicken, beef, fish and legumes. Carbohydrate (C), are fruits, vegetables and grain types. Fats (F) are healthy fats. Avocados (if your tummy can handle them), butter, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts (but can also be under protein and carbohydrate). 

When is good timing for them? Mostly you want to look for having your carbohydrates by lunch if you are trying to lose weight. Trying to gain weight you would want to play with having them throughout the day. All other P’s and F’s are okay all throughout the day. 

Why do you want to plan PCF’s? You want to plan PCF’s because: 

  1. You are looking to either gain weight or lose weight. If you are planning to lose weight you need to have a calorie deficit. If you are planning to increase weight, you need to eat more than your metabolic metabolism. But either option needs to be combined with gym, or an online personal trainer who can train you in the comfort of your own home with little equipment. 
  2. PCF’s hold you accountable for eating the right amount of food. Buy the food scale because often what you think is 100g is not 100g. Read labels. Document them. 
  3. Ratios where they need to be. Some people work better on high carbohydrates whereas others fail. Or high fats or high proteins. You need to find what works best for you, and learn to cycle (this is where I too can help). 
  4. The great thing with macros is I have worked with people who say I can’t eat whole grains. I would love to, but I can’t do it. Guess what, in moderation, they can do it. And!! it keeps them happy in the course of macronutrient planning. You just need the right amount. 

So today, you want to try for 1 week what a macronutrient meal plan looks like? Reach out to me and we can get started. We can dial into your specific requirements get you started, and take off! You’re set to move on into macronutrient greatness! ∎

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