Change your mind, change your body. End of story

It’s that cut and dry.

Any fad diet you adhere to for the moment, (Keto, Intermittent fasting, Paleo, Weight-watchers, Bernstein, etc.) will work temporarily. How many people have tried these, lost weight because they achieved their goal or perhaps didn’t, but gained all the weight back? Millions or billions? I know I have. I have tried all kinds of “diets”. What worked? When I changed my mind, or when you change your mind. Thats what worked.

How do you change my mind? 

It depends on what your current angle is for food and physical activity.

But in general: 

Do you have an investment account? Do you invest in savings? I hope you do! We put all these investments into our life, but what about the investment in ourselves? It’s time to start thinking of yourself as an investment – even if you have children, kids, family, a dog, cat or hamster. Make yourself a priority. 


Think of your body as a bank or investment. Investing nutritious quality foods into your body would be a great way to start? Yes! In thinking of your body like an investment bank account, what does your bank email you every month? Your transactions. Your debits and credits to your investment account. We need to wrap our minds around treating our bodies like this. But the debits and credits and so on, are now Protein, Carbs, Fats and Calories (PCFC) and instead, it’s a weekly statement. When you can officially say, “I’ve changed my mind,” guess what? Your body will reflect it. And the YO-YO dieting ends. You’ll never need to hear about another weight loss fad again because you are in the know. 

Physical Activity:

You can be an athlete, or you can be someone who just wants to feel better about themselves. If your goal is to run a marathon or just enjoy walking, it’s all great. Any activity is better than no activity. Move. Just move. Find it. Yes, it’s going to be hard if you’re just starting. But life is hard. There is always the voice in your head, “I just don’t feel like walking/gym/running today.” But you do it anyhow. You do things in life all the time that you don’t feel like doing, but you do it. 

Joe Rogan said it best.

If I only worked out when I felt like it, I’d be a fat fuck.”

– Joe Rogan

But the good news. When you get to a better level, even not an athlete level, it gets easier. You just go. You just make the time for yourself. 

We put ourselves into a box of what we think we are cable of. Get out of that box. Do everything you can to change it. That is where sticking to your goal weight begins. No more fad diets. No more YO-YO dieting. 

Change your mind. Stop with the excuses. 

Plan your meals. Plan the number of calories that are best for you. If you plan, you will succeed. Buy a food scale. Eyeing food weight is tough, yes you can use your hands in a pinch, but you don’t just walk into a bank and hand them dollar bills and walk out. Or do you? No, you count them before you give the bank those bills.

Get a food scale.

Eat 5 meals a day (Article: How often should I EAT a day? ). Pick your calorie intake, note the protein, carbs and fats for each meal. And enjoy your cheat meals. Cheat as little as possible. 1 – 4 meals a week to start. You have a total of 35 meals a week. 1 – 4 of those meals will be a cheat meal.

Bill/Stacey invites you out for pizza night, of course, you can join. It’s a cheat meal. But, if you have a bad night and ate several cheat meals, don’t blow the rest of the week. Get back on the plan the next day. If you were driving a car and one of the tires was flat and you’re now on the side of the road, you don’t get out of your car and start slashing the other 3 perfectly good tires? No, you surely wouldn’t. You would be set back in your day, behind schedule, but instead you moved on with your day. Regardless of the setback.

Change your mind and change your body. End of story. No fad diets, think of your body as an investment bank. No excuses.

If you need help getting started, let me know – happy to help (contact me). If you got this and know what to do, go and get your new frame of mind and your new body.

The time is now. Get serious about your health. ∎

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