The Cost of Getting Lean


Before reading the below, I want you to have in mind what your goals are for the body type you are looking to have? Healthy, lean or athletically lean? This will help you decide what you are willing to adjust and what you're not willing to do.

A helpful perspective of what goals you might be wanting to achieve and being realistic about what it takes physically to get yourself there.

Which will your goal be? Healthy, lean or athletic lean? What are you not willing to trade-off? Everyone has their vision of themselves and it’s up to you to make choices to reflect the vision of you.

Most importantly, Why? Figure out the WHY to your goal. Why do I want this goal? This answer can be more than one… it might be 10 reasons WHY!! Or not, but find out your WHY’s. Keep them handy for those moments when you’re feeling off. Keep them on your phone – in the notes section.

What can you do today, right now to help you move closer to your goal? Do something every day to help you move towards it. Repeat every day and start your day with, “What can I do today to get myself to my goal?” Answers may vary, but some could be: make healthy food choices today or exercise for 30 minutes (or more – walk, jog, run), and so on. I am all about making small changes for your future self to thank you! ∎

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