Love Pasta? How to enjoy your favourite dishes guilt-free!

Cutting back on carbs can be tough. Especially if you are a pasta lover…

The way around it: drum roll please!
Zucchini noodles – or also known as Zoodles. I would recommend the Joseph Joseph Spiralizer. I personally like this one because it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

There is a key to using these noodles or you could end up with a soup mess. Zucchini noodles hold water, and when you cook them, they release water and your great pasta sauce turns into a soup. What you do to avoid this is not cooking the noodles, but slice them in the finest setting possible. With the Joseph Joeseph Spiralizer, it is the light green attachment (it comes with Dark green, light green and yellow). Try and have the zucchini at room temperature before you start cooking your sauce. Pulling them out of the fridge in the morning before you go to work, then spiralizing them first before you begin your sauce. Once the sauce is ready, plate the noodles and add the hot temperature sauce on top. Eating them raw may sound odd, but you keep the ‘Al Dente” of the zucchini noodles. I’ve tried using the thicker noodle setting and using a bit of olive oil to warm them up, but it’s quite fragile because soon as they are cooked, they release water and you’re stuck with a soup instead šŸ˜€

Now to give you some options for sauces – a few of my favourite that I substitute out with Zucchini noodles:

Rigatoni & Meatballs

From one of my favourite chefs, he brings us this dish. Again, all we do is substitute the rigatoni for zoodles. You had me at meatballs šŸ˜€

You Won’t be single Long Vodka Pasta

Follow the directions in making the sauce, but instead of the pasta, use zucchini noodles. Also, I’ve done this with chicken in the dish. I’ll cook the chicken in a separate pan with 0% fat cooking spray. Cook the chicken to 80%, then add to the sauce to finish out the remainder of its cooking.

Thai Peanut Chicken

Not so Italian, but hey! Let’s explore where else we can you these noodles. This one is so tasty and thanks to my parents for sharing this with me. I originally tried it with the ramen noodles as prescribed by the recipe, then I tried with the Zucchini noodles. It’s yet another delicious recipe. You can add more spice if you’d like by adding some fresh chillies, or sticking to the original until you find your ground.

Guilt Free, 20 Minute Zucchini Pasta

Some shrimp! Yes! This recipe asks you to add cornstarch. I am not a fan of adding cornstarch and I never add it, even when a recipe calls for it. Also, the recipe talks about bringing the noodles into the pan to warm them, if you do this, just be super attentive to pull them off quickly. If you don’t and just add the sauce onto the zoodles.

Amazing Bolognese

Back to one of my favourite chefs! The amazing bolognese. Hands down the best bolognese I have ever had. It takes a while to make this sauce, but hey, if you have the time on a weekend, you’re home will smell of deliciousness. Make the sauce and replace pasta with zucchini noodles.

Best Beef Stroganoff

How about a classic Russian dish?? Yesss!! Zoodles too!! Deliciousness once again! The chef mentions using good quality beef, and I would suggest it too. The best you can afford will make a difference.

Zucchini Lasagna

This one I have not tried yet, but am wanting to try. She uses a technique to draw the water out of the zucchinis with salt, which will help the water reduction and the lasagna to hold together better. If you try it before I update this post, let me know how it goes.

There you have it! a few recipes to get you started and should I come across more, I will update with more recipes. If you have any suggestions to add for this page, please let me know šŸ˜€ āˆŽ

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