The Different Levels of Meal Planning

Meal planning 101

First off, I must start by saying each nutrition coach has their way of coaching nutrition. Without getting into too much nitty-gritty detail, my nutrition coaching style works on 3 Levels. 

  • Level 1: “I just want to lose some weight and feel better.” This is the most common level that people usually stay at for most of their lives. It’s not necessary to move to Level 2 unless you meet the criteria for Level 2. 

  • Level 2: “I’d like to do a photoshoot, or I want to look great on my upcoming birthday or compete in a fitness/bodybuilding competition.”

  •  Level 3: “I want to do a marathon, duathlon, triathlon, mud race, etc. ” Fueling the body with the correct amount of nutrients before the event, during the event and after the event. It’s all-important! 

How do you know what level I am? We start by determining your goals, your eating style and what kind of activity you like to do. Maybe it’s just walking or maybe you are in the gym lifting weights every day. Your nutrition plan is tailored to…… YOU!! We work together checking in and seeing what not working and what can we change for you to achieve your goal. 

In a more complex meal planning program, I work specifically with macro planning to ensure your body type is ingesting the right amount of nutrients depending on your weight loss or weight gain goal. For all 3 levels, it’s great to have a plan so you can prepare. This way you can be ahead of the game before those food cravings take effect. ∎

Tell me about your fitness goals and let’s plan your nutition around them!


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