Melissa, how can I lose weight?

A common question! There are many ways and programs to lose weight. The most common variable in all of them is eat less or in a caloric deficit.

There can be many things to consider when looking to lose weight, such as your body type? Are you an Ectomorph or an Endomorph or a Mesomorph? From this, we would then decide if a high protein diet best for you? Or a High carb diet, or a high-fat diet? There are other factors to consider on top of this such as a person with high blood pressure, or low blood pressure or gluten intolerance. It’s not always a one-set diet for everyone. How I work with clients to achieve their goals is we work on a set meal plan, and we adjust it weekly as we see the changes taking place. One could start out trying a keto/paleo/Bernstein/Atkins plan (which is great) but, a plateau is very possible on these plans. And perhaps you are happy with where you are and the plan you are on, and that okay too. But to dive further in, we adjust.

Perhaps you have plateaued or just looking for a place to start a meal plan, I am here to help. We can start with a 1-week plan and decide how far weekly you would like to go. Maye it’s one month and you’re happy with your results and now you’d just like to maintain. Yes, this is normal too. Or, you want to push on for another week or month. In my programs, we have different levels. Level 1 is light and with small changes, you can see results. I would suggest for clients to start here and if you decide to move on to level 2, then this we can do. But as my client, you are always welcome to stay at level 1. Level 1 is a comfortable place to stay while still feeling great with simple meal changes.

I am ready to start whenever you are 😀

Make contact with me and we can start to plan out your goals 1 week at a time. It’s time. Time to make that change you have always been dreaming about. It’s here. Let’s do this!!

You have heard this before:

The 21/90 Rule:

21 days to form a new habit and 90 days to form a new lifestyle. ∎

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