Why We Should Avoid Cows Milk as Adults.

Did you know that we humans are the only mammals to consume milk when not weaning? Is it really necessary for us as adults to drink cows milk?

The short answer: It’s not necessary to drink cows milk as an adult.

The long answer: As babies, we need to consume milk during weaning ages, but as adults, we are the only mammals to drink another mammal’s milk and drink after weaning. I personally thought this was strange considering I grew up (depending where you lived) with those commercials “Milk, does a body good?” and the emphasis on drinking milk for strong bones. Turns out the health benefits of drinking milk are mostly seen in newborns.

In the short term, we can still receive the protein and calcium from the milk, but the short term side effects for most adults consuming milk are bloating, gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea and acne. But what about long-term side effects? Long-term effects might include chronic inflammation, autoimmune disorders, prostate cancer, heart harming cholesterol and ovarian cancer to name a few. As it turns out, autoimmune illness is caused by inflammation in the body and gluten and dairy are two notorious inflammatory agents.

Did you know that 75% of the earth’s population is lactose intolerant? I grew up drinking milk up until I was in my mid twenties. I would drink four liters every day. I drank a lot of milk!! But, when I stopped, I noticed less internal issues and less bloating. Friends would ask “what do you do for calcium?” I eat green leafy vegetables, almonds and whey protein. All are a great source of calcium. Otherwise, one could take a calcium vitamin as another option.

Why consume something that isn’t needed as an adult and has more repercussions in later years? Once in a while, maybe every third month or longer, I will enjoy a late from my favourite coffee shop as a treat. But “utter” then that 😀 , I would suggest skipping the milk. There are so many more benefits to not drinking cow’s milk for humans. ∎

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